Christmas is my favorite holiday. It’s such a fun, merry time of the year! Between Christmas music blaring everywhere (something I can enjoy more now since I stopped working retail), to sending/receiving Christmas Cards, to spending holiday fun time with close ones it is just such a positive experience. I won’t lie, I do enjoy the whole gift aspect of it as well – but ultimately Christmas is just a chance for extra joy and mirth in everyone’s life.

In Florida it’s a little harder to fully get into the Christmas spirit due to the temperature. It’s not usually even remotely cold until Late January (it’s been over a decade since I’ve been able to wear a sweater on Christmas day). This year we have even started December with non stop rainstorms! With that in mind, I like to go a little overboard on my decorating. Multiple trees, Christmas lights, Christmas village, you name it!

Trees and decorations

While I am a big fan of real Christmas trees, I decided to go down the artificial tree route a few years back. Setting up my village is something that took a good deal of time and energy, and I found myself less than enthused to have to go out and buy a tree, light it, then decorate it. So thanks to my dad scoring some sweet post-christmas clearance deals, I now have two artificial trees. There’s a slim 7 footer that is my “nature” tree (decorated with wood/nature/hiking/earthy ornaments), and a 9 footer that has all of my other ornaments. Since my apartment this year has no space for the 9 footer, I used the top two sections of that tree and then tie wrapped the bottom to the stand (which was meant to accept the bottom piece of the tree, not the middle).

I made a few different themed sections for the rest of the decorations. There is a “Disney holiday Vinylmation/Pin” area which showcases the Christmas themed parts of those collections. I also made a small “snowglobe” spot that I highlighted with a tree small Christmas trees.

LEGO Christmas Village

My mom always did a small Christmas Village under the tree. When she passed away a few years back, I decided to take on the tradition. The first year was a nice simple attempt, but after that the village started getting more and more ridiculous (both in size and scope). While I’ve had a small LEGO aspect to the village for a year, the majority of the village was comprised of Dept 56 and Lemax buildings.

Due to time constraints I was unable to get my standard village set up, so I decided it was the year to give my LEGO Christmas Village some attention. I finished building this and last year’s winter sets, and laid them out under one of my trees. I fluffed up the empty spots with some non-Lego trees. I know some LEGO fanatics would say this disqualifies this from being a “real” LEGO village, but you know what…you need to use what you have!

A10 Christmas Decoration Madness 2015 (10)