If you read my Christmas Village 2016 post you saw me mention that my Christmas decorations from 2015 stayed up all year. Now, while I AM a big fan of Christmas this is not something I’d normally do – I had a few different things come up that contributed. For starters, I did a lot of traveling the first few months of the year. Then, I was waiting for my brother to get a large number of boxes of his stuff out of the storage room (I wanted the space to organize my packing – in anticipation of a potential move I wanted to sort the Christmas stuff into boxes I would move and boxes I would store). That took a while, and then I ended up getting a new job that has had me incredibly busy with travel.

Eventually June came around and I just decided to leave them up.┬áMy thought process was this – if I left them up I wouldn’t have to redo them for Christmas, and that would give me more time to work on a Christmas village, which I had not had time to do last year. My job has me traveling a lot, so that contributed as well as I would not have much time to work on decorations (especially with my 3 week Japan trip in July).

Even though I didn’t do my Christmas decorations from scratch, I did manage to do some rearranging to liven things up and make it all feel “new.” The two trees ended up in new spots, the LEGO Christmas village moved to a new location, and I redid some of the smaller displays. The Disney Vinylmation display was majorly redone, as well as the rest of the Disney decorations. There’s even a new wreath I made out of my Tokyo Disney badge plushies!


LEGO Christmas Village 2016

I mixed up the LEGO Christmas Village this year a bit. I had a metal planter shelf unit I wasn’t using outside anymore, and re-purposed it as the new home for the LEGO village. There are three levels to the village, each with it’s own scene. I had run out of foam at the time, and was basically using the leftovers from my non-LEGO village so I was not able to work up what I had in my mind but I think the final product was pretty cool regardless. I had hoped to incorporate the new LEGO Winter Train into this setup, but unfortunately purchased it too late to build it and work it in. Next year!