2015 was definitely a Christmas-tastic year in the Parayuelos home, but unfortunately due to time constraints I was unable to put up a Christmas Village. This was the first time since I started doing my Christmas Village 5 years prior that I didn’t put one up. But no fear, the village is back this year! Thanks to having left my Christmas decorations up all year (it’s a long story that will be covered in my Christmas decorations post!), I was able to dedicate a few days to building my Christmas Village.

As with my Christmas Village in 2014, I decided to go simpler and keep it to one table. There are pluses and minuses to this, but overall it did a good job of keeping my build time down along with keeping me concentrated on my design efforts. When I’ve done the larger villages in the past, but typically I’ve ended up with a lot of decent village areas but no real standouts. With this approach I was able to created a stellar village all across the town.

The east side of the village is Town Center – a place for shopping and eating. The brick road leads up to the higher part of town, where you can find Scrooge & Marley Counting House and the Tannenbaum Christmas Shoppe. If you look up at the mountains you might even get a peek at the mythical Christmas Cow!

The center part of the village features a cozy Public house, the mill by the creek, some folks doing some winter fishing, a frozen lake with Swans, and my Haunted Mansion tribute with a Christmas overlay. (It’s actually a building from the Halloween Village series but I’ve included it in my Christmas Villages for a while now. This is my first time doing a Christmas overlay on it though!)

The west end of the Christmas Village is built on the mountain side, with multiple levels of interaction. Street level has Mickey’s Christmas Castle, the World’s Finest Sponge store, and a pub with some fun Christmas tree light displays outside. Moving on up to the next level you’ll find Uncle Scrooge’s Counting House and the Rhineland Wine Tavern. You might get a peek at Santa of in the corner, taking a break from his long days at the North Pole. If you continue taking the road up the mountain you’ll come across the Balmoral Lodge, a great place to kick back and sit by the fireplace. At the top of the mountain just through the majestic redwoods you’ll find the Grizzly Peak Lookout Tower.

And there’s the village at night! Hope you enjoyed. Let me know what your favorite part of the village was =]